Monday, January 29, 2007

Alright, excuse the crappy concert picture, but it was dark in there, and sometimes, when I do remember to bring the camera, I just basically suck.

Mondays aren't so hard to swallow when they're the follow-up to a fantastic weekend away. We booked the tickets so we could hear Patty sing. The concert was wonderful, partially because I know every word to every song and had to try my hardest to not sing along, but also because it was such a tiny venue. I need to go see more live music... HOWEVER, that didn't really even compare to the fun, fun, fun time we spent with Zander's long-time friend Matt, and his lovely wife Brandi. We all stayed up late, slept late, talked for hours, drank loads of coffee, and even got some thrift-store time in. I can't wait to see them again!

True to my New Year To-Do List, I'm learning how to crochet. This is my first hat, but I've already made a scarf and some little crocheted flowers. I started out with a nice looking ball of $7 wool, but it's so scratchy that I've switched over to acrylic, which is nice and cheap. The color of yarn for the above hat is officially camo. Camo with turquoise stripes. The hat is a little bit tight, but the camera angle was kind enough to not show my forehead fat actually popping through the little holes. I think I'll make another one. A bigger one. It was pretty fun, and much more relaxing for me than knitting. I really like the Happy Hooker crochet book for explaining how to do the stitches and most of the included patterns are pretty cute, too.

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