Thursday, January 04, 2007

Photobooth Help

Attention all twin city folks! I'm looking for photobooths. I want to compile a complete list, and visit them all. Here are the ones I already know about:
1) The state fair (I'm assuming this is seasonal, but does anyone know for sure?)
2) The Kitty Kat Club
3) The Turf Club
4) Lake Street Kmart
5) Is there one in downtown Minneapolis near the shoe entrace to Macy's?

Please comment if you know of any more!


Beth said...

There is one in Northtown Mall... on the Applebee's side. And I'm embarrassed to say that I know they have one in the chuckee cheese near Northtown. Is there redemption is saying I haven't brought my kids there since before Andrew was born?

Anonymous said...


emily said...

last time i went to a move at southdale they had one there.

wheni was in juior high they had one at calhoun square.

Kari said...

I think they have them at any arcade /chuckie cheesey types of places...those are the places I would check out!

hoLynn said...

hi! long time no comment!
i LOVE photobooths as well, and sadly to say, so many are gone now!
the one at calhoun square is long gone. there is not one by the shoes at macy's. many malls like the moa have versions, but are the updated stupid digital ones that are on stickers or some crap. i'm a purist with the old film prints!
the only other ones i know of are at valleyfair, and they both are in color!