Sunday, January 21, 2007

Man oh man. If I owe you an email, please know that it's on it's way, and that I'm more tired than I ever thought was possible. After a lovely weekend, getting to see a handful of my favorite ladies, we started back to work on our basement ceiling. This time, armed with a kind-of-crappy-for-this-kind-of-job paint sprayer. We started at 9AM and quit around 6:30. My back and neck hurt from looking up for so long, and my hand feels like a taxidermy claw. I have paint in my ears and in my hair. I've also got both pair of glasses splattered with paint, so maybe tomorrow I'll need to break out the old contacts. I also ran this morning, pre-paint, to make up for a few of the beers consumed last night at my step-dad's 50th birthday party. It's exactly 8:38PM right now, and I'm heading to bed in abour 2 minutes. I owe much of this exhaustion to my mom and my girlfriend. Without the two of them here to help, we might have quit around lunch time. We're still not done yet, but the light is definitely at the end of the tunnel. This week starts semester II at school, and there's been a bit of drama at work lately, but I'll try and post some pictures this week! Take care friends!

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Jocelyn said...

I swear, anytime you work with your arms above your head, it's headache inducing. Like, when I hold the remote control over my head for a long time, it's exhausting.