Sunday, August 26, 2007

For Like Ever

The Covington was a lovely place to spend our anniversary. We found out that we can fill it with 11 of our closest friends for less than everyone would normally spend at a hotel. It might have a lot to do with the oftentimes weird things that I think are completely awesome, but this place really kicked ass. As for the anniversary, I know that to some of you old pros we're like babies, but we've known each other for more than 7 sweet years now. With the happy and the sad and the adventures and the non-adventures and the laughing and all the rest that do not even carry words, I am eternally grateful.
This crabby goose welcomed us to the inn.

Yeah, I just colored my hair and it is horrid. Yeah, we just woke up. Yeah, Zander's face is red because I'm sitting on his lap and squishing his guts.
I jumped on the popular band wagon and got us this print for the occasion.


LA said...

Yay! Happy anniversary you guys!

Dr Em said...

I have a question. How does the house boat lodge 11 people? Is there a room with a twin bed?