Sunday, August 12, 2007

forgotten cars

My first car was part Ford Escort EXP, and part something else that I can't remember. My uncle Frank bought it for me from my uncle Ray (who welded the two cars together), and my cousin Russ taught me how to drive its stick shift in downtown Plattsmouth, Nebraska. I learned lots of car care and often life lessons with that car. 1. If you write stuff with your finger on frosted windows, you'll be able to read it everytime your windows frost up again. So write nice things, and keep your pictures PG. 2. If you have a bad alternator/battery/starter, that's really OK because all you really need to know is how to always park facing down a hill, and also how to pop the clutch. And really, if you are worrying about these things, you have no business being in the Dayton's or Marshall Field's or Macy's parking garages. 3. If your radiator is not working, it'll cool the engine fastest if you drive with the heat on full blast. I'm thinking that facial sweat probably has some huge medicinal benefit that I'm too lazy to google right now. 4. If it's second semester already and tuition and books are due, along side your license tabs, don't worry about buying your tabs. If they are due in the winter time, a little strategic snow packing works wonders. ***If they are due in the summer time and you are 35 1/2 years old, and you've got the $40 in your pocket, pay for them early, or if you must, just barely on time. It will make you feel like an incompetent jerk to have advanced degrees and good credit and nice manners and and a sweet husband, while you are skiddishly avoiding the police to prevent that inevitable ticket. Ugh. I just need to make it until Monday... Does anyone have one of those "I heart cops" stickers lying around?


Jocelyn said...

How much do I love this post and your sage advice?

Big bajillions of love. That's how much.

Beth said...

I remember running out of gas near Rosedale in that car, because the gas gauge didn't work. Then rifling through our purses for any loose change and singles and lint that we could use to buy gas! Fun times!

Reb said...

oh the memories... driving in 100 degree weather with the heat blasting!