Tuesday, September 11, 2007

1. The Y offers beginning swimming classes for $20. My first class was tonight. It was AWESOME. Zander taught me the basics a couple of years ago, but this will be a great refresher AND a good way to learn some strokes, instead of my doggie paddle (which was called "inefficient" by my teacher tonight).
2. I'm not quite in the swing of things at school yet. The kids are great. It's fun, and challenging, but seriously, working is for chumps.
3. Nothing is happening in the crafty department around here because I'm completely wrapped up in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I normally don't want to see movies or read books, or even looks at pictures about 9/11, but this is my one exception.
4. Our front door now has two coats of what looks like Kraft Mac and Cheese painted on it. It needs another coat (or two), but I think I like it.
5. I NEED someone to knit this for me.
6. The Eric Lappegard tribute was great. Lots of work was done by lots of people and it was very cool. Really, way to go guys.
7. A very mini-camping trip is in our very near future. S'mores, here we come!
Yes, this is a really boring post!


Ed Kohler said...

that is a well itemized list. Great stuff.

I get frustrated swimming with people who can lazily cruise through the water while I flail.

LA said...

Post pics of cheesy door, please.

Dr Em said...

where are you going to camp? We went hiking at Lake Elmo yesterday and it was awesome. They have campsites.

Beth M said...

I am so happy you are taking lessons. Good luck and let me know how they go.