Monday, September 03, 2007

Back to School

Tomorrow is the day, and I'm pretty excited. While I hate to lose all of this lovely freedom, back-to-school is pretty fun too. To celebrate the last day of summer, we headed to the beach and parked ourselves on a blanket in the shade and just took it all in. I waded a little bit while Zander swam, we both did some reading, and then put together a kite we got at the thrift store this morning. The freaking thing didn't come with any kite string so we didn't get to fly it, but maybe we'll try it out next weekend. Anyway, a day at the beach reminded me how some of the sweetest things in life are absolutely free. We saw lots of families splashing around, my favorite of which was a dad and his two little girls. The littler of the two had her swim suit on backwards. Tomorrow night I'd like to get over to the Walker and check out the Picasso exhibit before it goes away. Has anyone used the free museum tickets from the library yet? What a deal.

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