Sunday, September 16, 2007

First camping trip

This little red scooter is what called us out of town in a hurry on Friday afternoon. I'd been scouring Craigslist trying to find a cheap, used one that I can ride to school occasionally and that we could double up on every once in a while. Our seller was only available on Friday night, and I was afraid that he'd sell it to someone else unless we got there ASAP, so we burned rubber out to Lacrosse, Wisconsin. It was far enough away that it really would have been a waste to buy the scooter and return home the same night, so we found a campground and pitched a borrowed tent. (Thanks LA) Unfortunately, we didn't get to the site until well after dark, so setting everything up was a bit of a challenge.

Wow, looking through our photos, we took a ba-jillion pictures of the fire. It was mesmerizing.

It was also much colder out than we thought it'd be, so the fire felt especially nice.

I'm hooked! This whole camping thing is so much fun, and even though it was kinda taxing to get it all organized so quickly, it was extremely relaxing. We were both able to finally forget about work, which (sadly) is no small feat lately. I'd love to go again when the leaves are changing.


Jocelyn said...

So you got the scooter?

If so: so jealous. SOOOOOO jealous.

Camping is always too cold.

Or too hot.

Rarely just right.

LA said...

That looks like a lot of fun. Nice to see the tent hasn't rotted away due to lack of use. Fall camping is the best. Less bugs, more layers, pretty colors and nice fires. You guys should go again this fall!
Can't wait to see the scooter in person! Vroooommmmmm!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs Cannon,

That is a great pic you put on this site. Miss you as my teacher...seriously!

~Brett "The Art King" Podein

Anonymous said...

Yo Julez,
This is Dash or better known as Darryl Hall. That is a nice pic of you there. Did you happen to post it on your myspace as well. Also what happened to being a vegetarian? Meat minimalist my @$$. Hope all is well. I am visiting in October.