Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm on a kick where I'm trying not to drive much during the summer. I don't have to go to work, so why should I be burning gas at almost $3 a gallon? I'm certainly not on a soapbox here. For the most part I'm a wasteful girl. I just think it's kind of a cool, new, self-imposed game, to try and stay out of the car. I also have a bit of a thrift store/garage sale addiction, as if you didn't see that coming. I need almost nothing, but the thrill of the hunt just makes me so happy. So, I'm pretty sure I can bike to Saver's, Salvation Army, Ragstock or Value Village when the urges start calling to me. And, I'll be limited to buying only what I can safely carry in my baskets. We'll see how far I can press "safely". I expect you'll see me biking around with things stacked up like a totem pole. Now that I'm playing the car game, I can think of a million reasons why I need to drive somewhere. I NEED cedar chips. Too heavy for my bike. I NEED to go to IKEA. Too far for my bike. I need black thread. There are no fabric stores even remotely close to North Minneapolis. Normally I'd drive to the library and then drive home. When I got home I'd think about heading over to Rainbow. As soon as I'd unpack the groceries, I'd think of the next place I'd need to go. Maybe this little game will help me overcome my ADHD tendencies and combine a few trips too.

By the way, we have a dumpster in front of our house. It's there because we're adding on a deck and we're jack-hammering out the old staircase in back. I looked inside the dumpster today and it's filled with a whole bunch of used "police line do not cross" tape. If only that tape could talk, I'm sure it'd have quite a story to tell. I'm hoping it'd say that it came from Spencers at the mall and the youngsters down the street were playing a riviting game of cops and robbers.

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emily said...

we are trying to be a one car family now. so, yesterday mike had the car, but i needed some cash. normally, i would just stop at super america on my way somewhere and get some cash and a snapple. but no car, plus i needed bus fair so i could meet some friends at the metrodome for the twins game. here's what i did, i ran to super america with my cash card, got some cash and bought a water to break a twenty. then i ran home. i got errands AND a workout done at the same time. how cool.