Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Today is my first day at home for summer break. I'm so excited to do all of these marvelous things that I've been waiting to do that I simply can't decide where to begin. I could paint the bathroom. I could grout a few mosaic pieces. I could alter one of my new grammie dresses, so it actually fits. I could do some writing for school. Really, the list goes on and on. Speaking of lists, I should make a giant to-do list and just start checking items off. That would give me a sense of purpose and a sense of accomplishment. Both of which most of us, including myself, totally thrive on.

Yesterday we got back from New York. We stayed with Zander's cousin and his wife and baby. I don't think they read this blog so I can say this without embarrassing myself... They are the nicest, smartest, most unpretentious people ever. They're great parents too. I could have so easily felt small in their big city lives, but they just made it so easy to be comfortable. Their apartment is gorgeous. I am not lying when I say that our house could fit inside their apartment, with room to spare. I wish I'd have brought my roller skates along because I could've gotten quite a work out. Oh, and it overlooks the Union Square Garden. I didn't do much tourist sight-seeing really. I hung out in the park quite a bit, watched lots of people go by, did a LOT of walking, munched on the chewiest bagels, window shopped, had dinner in Brooklyn, chatted with Colbert and Mary, and loved up their adorable baby.

One of the many highlights of our trip was shopping in Soho with Mary. She suggested that we get a light bite to eat and something called a Vanilla Shanti at this great bar called Lucky Strike. The staff was really patient with us laughing it up with a sweet baby covering herself with every little thing within reach. Walking out of there just after noon, feeling really quite tipsy, I'd decided that my most important new quest in life will be recreating that martini. It won't be that hard though, because here it is folks: VANILLA SHANTI: Stolichnaya vanilla, lemon & lime juice, pineapple juice, and sugar. I've never heard of Stolichnaya, unless that's the same thing as Stoli. Anyway, I might add that to my to-do and check it right off again tonight.

Least glamorous news: pimple on my neck that might be eating it's way through my adams apple. I've messed with it so much, I now have a self-induced hickey. Any home remedies?


LA said...

Stolichnaya is Stoli. That drink sounds flippn' awesome.
Pimple - try toothpaste. If it's really huge and red, try cortisone. Will take the red out.

emily said...

cortisone is good zit zapper. i discovered this amazing product at walgreens. it's called "pimple eraser" and it really works! my sister thought it was called "pimp eraser" so we call it that for short. anyway, it is a glycolic acid formula so it really penetrates. it even gets rid of undergrounders! it's a miracle product, for real. the company that makes it is called miracle products. i'm shittin' you negative!

Julie said...

thanks for the tips you guys, I'll have to run to the store and pick something up. Oh, and tea tree oil doesn't do anything for anything, except stink.

Anonymous said...

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