Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ah, yes. It's that time again. My garden is quickly coming back to life. Even some cactus that I thought were dead for sure are coming back with lots of new shoots all over the place. They look like wicked little monsters and I just love 'em. I've even got a new little side garden planted by the fence. I wanted to hide an ugly corner with sunflowers, so my mom gave me some that she started from seed and I transplanted a few that started themselves under our bird feeder. My peonies are pretty much done blooming, but they were beautiful this year. Last year the bunnies ate all of the buds, so it was fun to see the bush so full of blooms this year.
Yes, yes ya'll, it's also GARAGE SALE SEASON. Oh my word, yes. This cutie little vest came with a matching a-line skirt for $2. They're both suede, which is kind of weird, but cute. I won't bore you with all the other crap (I mean treasures) that I've picked up, but it all makes me feel a bit high on life... Which leads me to our venture out last night to hear the Roe Family Singers for the first time. SO FUN. With school ending this Friday, and no more getting to bed by 10 so I can get up by 5:30, I'm planning on making it a regular stop on Monday nights.

After watching baby Joey all day, I don't quite have the motivation to go to the grocery store like I'd planned. I'd have to change my clothes, and nothing is clean at the moment. I have spit-up both on my skirt and on my top. My allergies are also going a bit, shall we say, ape-shit right now. Instead, I'm going to try and revive a bag of salad mix that's supposed to be good until Wednesday, but is looking a little limp. Why do the salad companies lie like they do? Maybe I'll dress it up with some black beans or something. Gourmet night at the Cannon house it is not. Tonight I'm going to dig into The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. I keep hearing what a great book it is. Has everyone except for me read it already? Is it as good as all the three year old hype suggests?


emily said...

curious dog in the night is great. i keep telling mike he should read it!

bagged salad is so lame. you should keep it in your salad spinner for crispness.

Kari said...

Curious dog is really gets you in the mind of a person with autism. You will see a lot of the students you have taught in the main character.