Sunday, February 13, 2005

mosaic land

Geez, I'm loving mosaics these days. This shot is from our last night of mosaic class last Thursday. The teachers' studio is amazing. All of their plates are sorted by color first and then by type of design. I've been scrounging around thrift stores lately, but have found the best and cheapest stuff at Family Dollar. I just found two mugs for a dollar with conversation hearts printed all over them. This week I'd like to get started on an outdoor plaque for our house number. I'll be using a metal tray for the base, but haven't decided on colors yet.


emily said...

my mom has been searching for plates on her "rounds." i can't wait for my next mosaic project! i want to make a serving tray with a sandwich on it.

Betsy said...

Julie, did your teacher talk about using little figurines in your mosaics for a 3 dimensional touch? I will see if my mosaicy friend Barbara will send you pics of her mosaics.

Julie said...

Hi Betsy
Barbara just sent me some pics of her mosaics. Her work is Wonderful! I added coffee cup handles to my first project, and Emily added a salt shaker shaped like a chicken.