Tuesday, February 01, 2005


I know, I know... I'm REALLY overdue for an update. I'll try and make this one worth all the frustration of checking up every few days, only to see nothing new and fresh. I'm not sure where to start, so I'll go with the obvious. Thank you all for your love and support and TLC and encouragement and advice and soft shoulders. Thanks especially for not letting the big M be a taboo topic. It is such a relief when people just say what's on their minds instead of tip-toeing around feeling awkward. The miscarriage caused us a lot of pain. Yes. Now I'm thinking of it as a painful not-so-distant memory, but not a painful present. Ahhh healing.

This little guy is Boo! He's around 9 months old, but could be up to a year. No one really knows because he was a stray that the friendly firefighters of Andover found wandering around their station. We picked him up at the Humane Society on Sunday. He is adorable in all ways except the annoying habit of trying to suckle all of my sweaters. I wish I could say that he just is a licker, but it is a true lick, suck. I'm wondering if my sweaters continue to not produce milk, if he'll just stop this sick habit on his own?

Last weekend we were out of town for Becca and Joe's wedding. It was so nice to bask in the warmth of Denver! Yeah, that sounds weird, but it was almost 70 degrees there, and fa-reezing here. The wedding was truly gorgeous. They seem to be the most ORGANIZED and PHOTOGENIC couple that could have ever possibly walked the earth. The whole weekend was perfect... Except my hair and cleavage drama. I blame my hair on a hairdresser that should have called in sick. I believe she was a perverse woman whose intent was to make me also look sick, or at the very least like Mary Ingalls. My hair was slicked half-back. So far, no problema. However, the back was styled into a wealth of cascading curls that ultimately formed a bow. I might have been happier if it had at least formed a wedding bell. As for the cleavage side of the story... Not much of a story. I, goddess of the bargain, got a GREAT deal on a dress that opened to my belly button. I thought a brooch would solve the problem. Pictures of the event prove that the brooch didn't do diddly. I'm not quite ready to share my boob shots yet.


Car The Cat said...

Meow mow boo! meow mew welcome meow the neighborhood.

Anna said...

Re: Boo! suckling the sweaters--Car continues to suckle on the fuzzy nubs of her kitty-bed. The fixation is instantaneous--if she sees the bed, she goes at it & there's no distraction. It's sort of erotic in a very creepy kind of way.

Becca and Joe should be in a wedding magazine. Look at those hams! Becca's dress is lovely--did it gather on one side of the bodice? That's such a flattering cut.

rebecca said...

You kitty cat is so cute!

Julie said...

Car, have you been taking keyboarding on the sly?

Betsy said...

I love the picture of your kitty. The sucking thing is disturbing. and gross. Tell her to stop.

Also, the Mary Ingalls comment was hilarious, but you looked fabulous, as always. I didn't notice that your boobs were so exposed. Sorry, I was busy, and I'm sure if I had looked harder, I would have noticed them, but I never heard anyone say that they were hanging out or anything. Now I have to go look at all the pictures so I can focus on your boobs.

LA said...

Ohmygod..Boo is sooooo cute!!!!I love Boo!! Boo is fashion forward!! Boo is trendy!! Sucking in any form is suppose to be due to the cat being weaned to early, either by the momma kitty or by human intervention. 1 of our cats has some seriously rank breath that could peel paint of walls, so I am thankful she has never been a "suckler". Izzy is an incessant plastic bag / occasional vent/ baseboard licker. All I can say about that is that it must feel/taste real good.