Tuesday, February 01, 2005

calling all readers

Book club is at my house next month and I suggested this one. Anyone read it? Anyone want to lend me their copy?


emily said...

i heard the author on MPR a while ago and it made me want to read the book....but i haven't actually read it yet. i have been in a phase where i am not enjoying reading too much (a side effect of grad school...)

Betsy said...

I have read Running With Scissors. I hated it. It is a story about a guy who grows up with truly sick parents who then abandon him to grow up with their psychiatrist who is even sicker. I don't understand why Augustin Burroughs is getting so much attention and has had his 3rd(?) book published. OK, maybe I am 58 and an olde fogye, but there are so many well-written books out there, and I really felt that this one is trash. And, it isn't even funny. I just read The Kite Runner, which is about growing up in Afghanistan before the Taliban and what it is like now. It is a novel, and has it all over RWS.