Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Big Time Bloggers

The boys over there at Big Time Attic are blogging! They're leaving for San Diego today and plan to update their blog throughout the convention. I'm missing Zander already! But, I'm looking forward to seeing some friends, doing some reading, and working out in the garden.


emily said...

hey, rhonda's husband is out of town too and she is jonesing to go to value village. give her a call!

Ugly Juice said...

Ooooh! You got Zorro! I can't wait to hear about it!

Beth said...

Hey Julie-

It was great reconnecting this afternoon... thanks for a wonderful visit. The kids were all thrilled to see you, and the "disco balls" according to the girls or the "energy mind suckers" according to the Drew were a huge hit! I believe Andrew will be going to bed, IN COSTUME, tonight, I have yet to get Jon try it on! Tattoos and lip gloss, always a fantastic thing! =)The clothes were great, perfect fit and perfect style for each of the girls. You wanna come back to school clothes shopping with us?