Friday, July 08, 2005

Have I mentioned how much I'm loving summer in Minnesota? Particularly here, in our little house, with my sweet husband. He's been totally endulging me by letting me show him every last detail of the garden. "Look, the cucs are growing!" "Isn't our spinach adorable?" I know this isn't a hobby that Zander would choose, but I think he's basically enjoying the ride. I really love seeing echinacea in the garden. Every time that I see it I remember that it's an herb that helps you heal, and gosh darn it, it's perdy. I'm loving taking care of my garden. My fingernails are just black lately. Gross. I love helping my little plants grow and watching what they do along the way. During the school year I complain about having to nuture people all the live long day, but I really miss it during the summer! But seriously, I wish that I'd stinking get pregnant. My life is so full of great people and love and rituals and fun, but that want is a constant taste in my mouth. Everything reminds me of it. Not in a sad way, but an impatient way. Hurry up body!

We had a great time at the Craft Conspiracy meeting last night! Sumra was a great host, the embroidery was fun (especially the french knot!), and the food was fantastic. I'm excited for the next meeting where Archna will teach us all about henna design. I'm really happy with how the group is coming together. If you're crafty and haven't had a chance to join us yet, it's not too late. The meetings are always on the first Thursday of the month. Come! I'd especially love it if the Duct Tape Princess would come and teach us a thang or two!

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Ugly Juice said...

Awwww, Julies, the big P will happen, just you wait. Your gardens are adorable. What fun!