Saturday, July 02, 2005

Warning: Materialistic Rant

Anna and I had a little church rummage sale date this morning, only to discover that the sale is NEXT week. Darnit anyway. We did run across a cute little sale on the way where I scored an adorable pleated polka dot skirt for a quarter. I'm wearing it now and it makes me feel quite girlie, in a good way. We also stopped in at ARC Value Village. I spent about 10 bucks there, and got a nice assortment of little goodies. My favorite is a Chinese checkers tin that has fake Chinese writing all over it. Oh, and my new devilled egg plate also feels like quite a score at 69 cents! Like good conversation, one thing led to another and we found ourselves over at Brookdale for a coffee and then wandered ourselves into Forever 21 for a gander at the teeny-bopper skirts. Oh my, I bought one... OK fine, two, but they were cheap and cute, and I wasn't thinking about sweatshop labor. Until I got home. The bag is here, right next to me on the couch, and I was holding onto it contemplating taking both skirts back, when I noticed on the bottom of the bag it says John 3:16. Well, I went to their website and there is no mention of their mission statement or religious affiliations. However, there are a LOT of websites that talk about what an evil company they are. Anyone know anything about why the bible verse is there?


LA said...

No way! Forever 21 has 3:16 on the bag???? Next thing you are going to tell me is that The Wet Seal really means "Jesus Saves", or that Charlotte Russe is French for "Devils Closet". I will be left with nowhere to shop.
Joking aside, I haven't heard anything about the bags, but that's really flipped out. My guess is the Hot Topic bags don't say that. Those probably have 666 on them somewhere.
If you return the skirts, make sure you let them know why and that Satan said you couldn't wear their cute skirts. That even he doesn't approve of sweatshop labor...unless it's for the Kathy Lee Gifford's clothing line.

LA said...

I did find some sweatshop info
It just seems weird that Forever 21 sells such slutty fashion and then touts Jesus verses on the bags. I have to mention that Jesus was ok with the whores. Is that the connection?????

Julie said...

Why my dear, I do believe you're feeling better. As for the whores and the connection... I'm too afraid of the Old Testament to do anything but snicker a little bit, and then run for cover. Lighting bolts you know.

Anonymous said...

I also live in fear of divine bolts or retribution! Recovering Baptists still tremble.