Sunday, July 10, 2005

henna hands

Tonight we headed over to Kumal and Archana's house for some swimming, eating, and henna hands! They made Indian food for us that was absolutely amazing, and then transformed the plain old cut up fruit that I brought into a really yummy dessert. Archana showed us the henna designs on her hands and feet from her wedding. I've never seen anything quite like it. I love how feminine it is without needing to be pastel-ie. I'm starting to think about teaching at the highschool. Wouldn't it be fun for the students to research some traditional Indian patterns and then try henna on themselves? I love it now, so I think that in highschool I'd have been thrilled.


LA said...

Your hands look awesome. I love it!

emily said...

one of those hands is bigger, is it a zander's?

Julie said...

Yeah, Zander's hand is on the right. We woke up this morning with henna boogers all over the sheets! But after a shower, our hands are smooth, and the henna is a lighter color.