Sunday, July 10, 2005

more minty

Alright, I admit it, I'm obsessed with my mint plants.

1 watermelon hollowed out like a jack 'o lantern filled with:

watermelon guts minus the seeds
1 can limeade concentrate
lemon juice
a friggin ton of mint
rum to your liking

put this in your blender/food processor, but DO NOT, dear friends, ingore the sissy "do not fill past this line". That line is your friend, and if you don't pay attention to your friends they will vomit watermelon all over your semi-just-cleaned-kitchen.

1. Fun BBQ last night.
2. Despite the above, no one vomitted.
3. We have no real BBQ stuff, except a grill. Which I believe is all you really need if you want to spend your extra pennies on cute shoes instead of meat paraphanilia. The guys that took over the grilling (Thanks Kumal and John!) were reduced to flipping the meat with my heat resistant spatula and a pair of pliers.
4. The cops showed up with a gun and wanted to know if we'd seen a black guy in a white t-shirt. Duh, yeah, about every second of every day... Cops do not like sass mouths.
5. Went inside and played TABOO.
6. Mad this morning that I forgot to stinking take pictures. ARRGH.

PS: Thanks Shad and Kevin for lugging over the keg and other goodies!

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