Friday, July 01, 2005


Last weekend one of our neighbors had a garage sale. I had high hopes, but alas, there was nothing there for me. He was however, handing out pamphlets for his drinking water business. We could get a water cooler and those big water coolers for about $8 a month. Wowza. I spend that much on water anyway. I think they run the water on our street through a poop and dirt tank that filters the elements into the water. So I gave Water Guy a call on Monday. In my message, I told him that I'm WAY interested, but I'd like to sample the water first. He hasn't called me back yet. He does store some of the water jugs outside next to the garden hose. I'm wondering if that's why he hasn't taken me up on the sample yet?


LA said...

Hmmmmm......he stores some of the jugs next to his water hose?? Are you thinking what I am here?
Have you guys tried a faucet filter system? We use a Brita faucet one and it seems to make a big difference in the taste. You are welcome to come over and sample some anytime you wish.

Ugly Juice said...

I bought a storage unit from that guy a few weeks ago (they have pretty much a permanent garage sale there on weekends, I've noticed) and he hauled it to my house for me and gave me the schpeel on his water coolers. We've got a contract with Chippewa, so I think I'll stick with it.

Anonymous said...

The studio water is a pretty decent deal if you can find a better bargain on the dispenser.

Sometimes they sell them at PPL and garage sales. It comes out to about $1.40 a gallon delivered.

Julie said...

For now I went and got a PUR system that hooks onto the sink. It tastes pretty good. It'd better at $40!