Sunday, March 06, 2005


Ooh it is just so beautiful today! We spent the morning doing some extra cleaning, and then a good piece of the afternoon putzing around outside. Zander fixed my bike because the wheel was crooked and rubbing against the mud guard. I worked on my mosaic project and handed him tools and small pieces of advice. It was lovely to feel warmth shining down on my face. Later in the afternoon the ladies all came over for book club. I was a bit nervous because the book turned out to be disturbing, gross and SEXUAL... AND one of the people in the book club just happens to be my mother. Actually, the conversation went really well and no one said outloud that they hate me for picking such a downer book. Whew. Later the Lynn's came over and we hung out upstairs and ate left-overs from earlier. I feel like my body has zero nutritional value right now. Except for the fact that grapes make wine. I've seen Sideways you know. By the way, I've just stumbled upon two really great crafty websites. This one and this one.


Ugly Juice said...

Julie--I followed one of your links to the Thimble web site and oh, my gosh, I think that that woman is my Canadian twin (except that she is much more creative and has time for crafty projects)! She likes to quilt and cook and I had read all but one of the graphic novels that she had posted.

I am unspeakably jealous of your wonderful day in ths sun. Yay, you!

emily said...

cool craft sites. my mom likes but it is not a blog. i miss crafting with you.

Betsy said...

I really liked the work of that 1st woman--the one with work on kingpod. She is funny and does interesting work. What is her name?

Shad said...

I didn't have time to read those blogs, but apparently on 3/8/2005 at 4:04 pm, the second blogger, "Thimble" was able to draw a mouse with a spoon.