Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Down in the studio

With my sewing and crafting area all set up, I've been riding on a wave of project-galore-inspiration. Or maybe I've grown tired of the little voice inside my head that tells me what a lazy slob I am everytime I go upstairs to watch Six Feet Under. Whatever. Last week I whipped up these little curtains. The fabric came from the Saver's 1/2 price sale. 50 cents for a top sheet, and I figured the price was right. The window to which these curtains belong overlooks the backyard, and is upstairs in the family room.

I've also been sewing covers for the UGLY pillows on my pillow backed couch. So far I've got 7 out of 8 finished, and it has pretty much been a breeze. I'm totally loving the sewing part and not liking the measuring and cutting out nearly as much.

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Anonymous said...

Holy cow you have been productive! The curtians are super cute. Six Feet Under is worth taking a break for - you are not being "lazy" you are taking a breather. That show rules!! I think you have all of our seasons, but if you are missing any - let me know.