Wednesday, March 30, 2005

dreaming about spring

I took this picture last week at the Como Conservatory in St. Paul. They've remodeled there, and the place is wonderful and the smell amazing. I can't remember what this flower is called... fox glove? With spring on its way, I've been constantly daydreaming about hanging out in our back yard, sipping bloodies, painting my toenails, and digging in the dirt. A few nights ago I had the coolest dream. I was in our backyard, facing the alley, when I realized that the grass under my feet was turning from brown/gray to green and the green was spreading everywhere like spilled paint.
For Easter Zander gave me the cutest sketchbook/journal. The company that makes them uses the covers and a few inside pages of old books, they add some plain paper, and then give it a spiral binding. Mine is from the book, Julie of the Wolves. I love it so much that I'm feeling pressure to have the first thing that I put in it be REALLY great. So far, nothing is inside, but I've been petting it often. Not to rip off a cool company's thang, but Paper Depot over by the Minneapolis Farmer's Market lets you rent a spiral binding machine for $2.50 and then 50 cents per spiral binder...


Ugly Juice said...

Ah, yes, the new journal. A sacred thing, unworthy of random scribbles. Entries must be thoughtful, artistic, worthy of being placed in a museum when your great-great-grandkids find it.

The pressure.

I am sooooooo dreaming of summer, too, and mosaicing in your backyard. (Is that a verb? Mosaicking?)

emily said...

i LOVE julie with the wolves. so good.

spring is totally here Julie. have you seen my blog?

anyway, i will see you tonight!

arlee said...

yup that's a foxglove--they grow like crazy here in BC

Love your "cottonball" story---thanks for the nose coffee on the screen!!!:>