Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Wrestle Mania!!!

Sunday night Zander and I went to watch his friend wrestle! I'll admit that I wasn't that excited at first. Number one... All of the matches happen out in MAPLE GROVE! Number two... Wrestling??? Unfortunately we got there too late to see the Spider Baby do his thing, but what we did see was amazing! I loved watching Casanova woo the crowd with his hip gyrations and pillow talk, and then slam his opponent into a sleeper hold. Also, speaking of the crowd... Apparently the crowd is about 80% the same people every week. They are VERY into it. It was an experience so much like none I've had before, that I just wanted to take a ton of pictures and maybe a few notes. Monday afternoon I told my custodian at school that I had gone to a wrestling match. (He's a huge fan). We had a few laughs about the whole thing and then he went about his business. About an hour later he came back to give me my very own wrestler name. I am the ART-iculator. You know, because I'm an art teacher. Now whenever I see him, I beat my chest a grunt "I AM ARTICULATOR."

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Ugly Juice said...

We have talked about watching him wrestle sometime. Would you go again??? We should go!