Monday, March 14, 2005


Last week Shad sent me a link to these awesome bags. I don't know how to go making something like that, but would love to try.


Ugly Juice said...

How do you cut a skateboard? Table saw?

Anonymous said...

Yes, saw. Table or otherwise.

You guys should run down to Robot Love on Lyndale to see one.

Between there, and a stop over at SOO Gallery, you'll feel wicked creative.

Julie said...

What is SOO Gallery?

Ugly Juice said...

I've never been there, but I've seen it, on Lyndale & I think 28th...

Shad. said...


It's an art gallery, but also has a small store.

From the website:
"The store includes many items made by local artists.
Soo VAC is always accepting submissions for our boutique-gallery, Soo Too. We are looking for small-scale artwork, handmade gifts, jewelry, cards and accessories. All artwork and crafts are sold on consignment 50/50 "

Sometimes they have really good stuff.

Another great place to go if you're feeling like you're walking that line between Arty with a capital A and crafty, is Open Book. I forget to go to that gallery in there but the handmade books are reall incredible.

I'm going to start making a point to make rounds. I forget about favorite spots and then rediscover them.