Monday, March 14, 2005

Cothing Swap Success?

Yesterday was the first annual clothing swap here at the Cannon household. (While this was happening, the boys were upstairs rocking out to the most awesome-est geek fest/video game extravaganza ever) Mid afternoon, 14 women arrived with bags of clothing they no longer LOVE, along with beauty products that no longer seemed beautiful to them. Oh, and they brought lots of really good food too. I think there was a really good mix of people, and the clothes gave everyone something to chat about. I was hoping for just a little drama, maybe two women really wanting the same outfit, and punching for it. I think Anna should host the next one, and if there's no drama we just might need to stage a little something-something.


Zander the husband said...

The sheer scope of the upstairs Geek Fest should be mentioned-- four Xboxes, four TVs, eight people, all playing Halo 2. Lord it was awesome.

emily said...

well, i already wore my new outfit. it was awesome. i can't wait for the next swap meet!