Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Last night I fell asleep on the couch before 8pm! Lately I've been "running" before school and I think it has caught up with me. OK, running is in quotes because I'm just so dang SLOW! I'm tuckered out. But with all of that extra rest under my belt, I'm ready for the day. My students are so antsy for spring break right now... just about a week away. I'm antsy too. Next weekend we're flying out to Denver to see Zander's family. So far, the plan is to hang out in Denver for the weekend, and then go to Santa Fe for a few days. I'm really hoping to see the Georgia O'Keeffe museum. She is one of my very favorite artists.

Emily is coming over tonight so we can catch up on our crafting ventures. I'm excited to grout the number plate for our house that I just finsihed mosaicing. I'll try and post that later this week.

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Rocco said...

What the hell? I didn't know you were going to Denver.

Thanks for the invite jackasses.

A big ol' middle finger to you from south Minneapolis.

And I just IM'ed Haller. He didn't know about this Denver get together either. He wanted me to pass the following message to you:

"Thanks for invite jackasses."