Monday, April 04, 2005


Alright, the bummer is that our wonderful and EXPENSIVE camera that we bought just two years ago is toast. Yup, it's a goner. Until we can replace it, I'll have to rely on swiping images off the internet to spice things up around here.
The opposite of bummer is that I got my hair cut. My friend Melissa cut it for me and the two blunt steps on the back of my head are gone. Melissa works at SunBearSpa in White Bear Lake. I know it's a haul getting there, but it is so worth it. She is wonderful. If you're one of the lucky ones that didn't see how horrible my hair was, it's only because I was so ashamed that I wore pony tails almost every single day of the past 3 months.
The other opposite of bummer is that Becca Cannon was just in town and we got to hang out all afternoon with her. I know that I'm becoming a sort of cliche about this, but we took her to Suzi's. On the deck, and it wasn't even too smoky. The patio is looking very tiki-ish and cute right now.
In other news, tonight I'd like to fangle a pair of my old overalls into a jumper. Sort of like how people (like my Mom) used to convert jeans into jean skirts. Any advice or links to walk me through it?
Last night we watched American History X. It came out (Ed Norton) when we were in Japan, so I hadn't heard anything about it. It is such a brutal movie, but I just loved it.


Anonymous said...

Is it the weather? I also got my hair cleaned up (I dare not call it a "cut" it's to traumatic). Your experience sounds better than mine. The split ends were out of control - the time had come.
Steve and I went to Suzies for dinner last night, we sat inside, that place rules in the warm months outside.

emily said...

i got my hair cut too! and it is a major improvement. i am starting a new thing where i make my next hair appointment when i pay for the current one. that way, hopefully, things won't get out of hand.

in other news, i have a new craft project for us! we need to make scarf tops out of vintage scarves. it is going to be the new poncho. first we have to find some cool vintage scarves!

Anonymous said...

Look at me!