Thursday, April 21, 2005

Funny like a frog

Well, I took Monday off because of my sore throat and now I have absolutely no voice at all. Yesterday I tried to play on my students' sympathy to get them to do what I want, but they just thought I sounded funny. "..funny like a frog". Tonight after school, I'm hoping to catch up with my new Principal over at Irondale High School. She sounds really nice on the phone and the "grapevine" around here doesn't say much about her. Usually no leaf goes untouched. What could this mean?
In other news, I just finished Margaret Atwood's new book. Very Sci-Fi, but I liked it. Any suggestions for a new read?
We just did a little re-arranging around the house to spruce up our front porch. Afternoons are LOVELY in there, especially when the sun is starting to set. I've been dragging projects out there lately and having heaps of fun embroidering like crazy. I'll post pictures as soon as we replace our dead, stupid camera.


Reb said...

Hey you,
Well I definately caught what you had, but mine cold comes complete with a cough. Oh well, I guess I was due. I haven't had a cold all winter, but I do hate spring/summer colds!

Hope you are feeling better Mrs. Froggie.

Ugly Juice said...

I have some fun books for you to read. I'll bring them Sat. night. Lots of bloggers with sore throats lateley, I've noticed. What does it mean?