Thursday, April 07, 2005

parent-teacher conferences

Today and tomorrow there will be no classes held at Turtle Lake Elemenatary. Instead, students stay home and play video games while the rest of us chat up their parents. Most people don't "schedule" a conference with the art teacher, but instead just drop in. This usually makes for an easy day for me except when they drop in at a strange/awkward/personal moment. Like when I'm pulling my underwear out of my butt. Or when I'm just skipping out to use the bathroom because I've once again waited too long and pee is starting to come out of my ears. Or when I'm trying out a new project so I can have an example for the students, and people come in like, "You get paid for this??? Wow." I do have 3 conferences scheduled today, and I anticipate another 6 or so to stop in. So 9 5-minute conferences should be just about right for 8 hours, eh? Actually, I'm behind on other things (like leaving a SAFE walking path from the door to the desks) and cherish any time interrupted or otherwise, to get my stuff together!


Ugly Juice said...

Do you ever offer parents a sip from your flask during conferences?

Anonymous said...

During our last conferences, we stopped by the art class room, since we hadn't met the art teacher yet. (She wasn't in her room when we stopped by during fall conferences). She was on her hands and knees, rear end up in the air.. trying to fish something out from under a cabinet...we, um, quietly backed our ways out of the room... and decided we'd meet her some other time! HEHE!!

Beth said...

OOPS didn't mean for that to come out as anonymous!