Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Yesterday a happy-go-lucky 2nd grader popped in my classroom to tell me some really important information... "Hey Mrs. Cannon... I've got your number. Cucumber." And ran quickly out of the room to catch up with his class. Classic. Very similiar, but not quite as good as the student from a few years ago singing, "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..." only to add, "your chestnuts."
Always on the hunt for cheap stuff, I ran across this site via littlesomethings. I especially love the clock and the fruit bowl.
Tonight we're staying in. I finished up my overalls-turned-hippie-skirt. Lots of decorative denim stitching involved. I've also got my monster softie well under way. There's nothing quite like embroidering on an ugly little monster while watching the infamous Tenacious D.
As an art teacher, (and soon to be World Cultures teacher) I feel that it's my proud duty to make it out to some of the Walker's opening events on Sunday. I'm really excited to see it, but I think the place will be absolutely mobbed.


Ugly Juice said...

Are you going to post a photo of your new hippie-skirt? You gotta get that camera fixed!

Rebecca said...

Hey,I think there might be some events going on at the Walker on Friday too. I heard something about on the radio last night. It's called First Exposure: The Walker Are Center Grand Opening Gala on 4-15.
Can't wait for Saturday!