Sunday, April 17, 2005

On Saturday, Zander and the boys from Big Time Attic will draw their hearts out for the 24 Hour Comic Marathon. It's all part of the Cartoonist Conspiracy, and at the end of the event each participant should have finished 24 pages of a comic. Now, I couldn't do this, even if I tried really hard. Or, more accurately said, mine would look like crap and I would be found sleeping in a pile of inky drool begging for my bed-sweet-bed. But if anyone wants to join me for a portion of the Grumpy's portion of the night, let me know. I'm always game for a portion of tater-tots.
In other news, I had a wonderful weekend. It was refreshing, inspiring, fun, full of really good food, and basically just really great. However, this morning I woke up with a sore throat and it's getting worse. Is this fate staring me in the face and just begging for a four day weekend? And really, who am I to argue?


Ugly Juice said...

Don't fight it! Take the four-day weekend! Go! Go! Go!

emily said...

i think it was worth it considering the haul we made yesterday. i am still flying high from the bargains! i wore my 25 cent cowboy hat all day yesterday.