Thursday, February 02, 2006

ALERT: Whine fest. I'm feeling more-than-slightly bitchy today. Our house is a wreck and we've got something going on every night! I know that seems like no big deal, but I'm not getting enough sleep either. Fortunately for me, the stuff that's going on is all pretty fun stuff. Last night was an oil painting class, which would be slightly more fun if the teacher didn't think of Zander as a god and me as a strumpet. And just because she does think that, she doesn't need to make it so flipping obvious. "Oh beautiful work Zander, and you, little what's-her-name, could you look get it into your thick scull that I don't really like you???" Tonight I'm going to learn how to knit for the crafter's conspiracy meeting. (HOPEFULLY the teacher will be a little nicer) I'm bringing pretty green yarn, but I forgot my needles at home. I'm hoping she has an extra pair. Oh, and before the CC meeting, there's Kardio Kick class at the Y, which I'm so excited to try it out! I wonder if the instructors snicker about us after class?

Has anyone tried El Meson? Is it wonderful? It looks adorable from the outside.


beth said...

I've never been to El Meson, but I just checked out their website and their food looks like it would be fabulous! There was an El Meson in Tyler, TX that had yummy Cuban food... not sure if the two are connected at all.
Have fun learning to knit tonight, I've always wanted to learn but haven't, although I can crochet like a demon!

Rebeckah said...

Can I just say that I took a stained glass how-to class with my boyfriend Martin and it was taught by a mother/daughter team and they LOVED him and would compliment on "how beautiful" his work was and "How wonderful" his ideas were.. and then they would occasionally glance in my direction and say, oh yeah, "who are you again?".. I wanted to take the mallet and smash his project into bits and see how they liked that. I am not sure why it bugged me so much.. most of the time I love it when someone likes my boyfriend, but it totally rubbed me the wrong way.. Sorry had to share, so I've been there. It's a weird thing, but what can you do... love you!

emily said...

el meson IS wonderful. and the price is right. they have helf price wine every night except friday and saturday, which is kind of dumb. they should just call it double price wine on the weekend or something. you know? get the shrimp and rice dish and sangria!!