Saturday, February 04, 2006

Well, I just got home from belly dance class, the gas station and a quick thrift store haunt. Today at class we were learning how to move and use the finger cymbols. Presently, I can do one or the other quite well, but both at the same time are proving to be a challenge. Now we're making a grocery list for the week and debating about whether or not we should break down and go to Walmart for the dishwasher that we're now dead-set on getting. Zander's side: Walmart is EVIL. My side: I think maybe Best Buy is evil too, and Walmart's price is already lower without having to get someone to price match. Also I think it might be more likely to be in stock at Walmart and we could get a few of our other errands done while we're there. Notice how I've got to share every last reason because I feel guilty and ashamed and I know that Michael Moore won't be friends with me now, so I've just got to JUSTIFY.

Isn't the sun lovely today?


LA said...

I too believe that Wal-Mart is evil, but I have gone there a couple of times recently for some items that they sell that I couldn't find elsewhere/were cheaper there. I felt like I threw my integrity out the window and was full-o-guilt. Did you know that they are the largest employer in the world and don't provide health insurance for their employees? The state of MD is trying to require all Walmarts to provide insurance since 80% of children whose folks work for W-Mart on state funded assistance/living below the proverty line. Ugg. Did you call Appliancemart to see if they had anything you were looking for? I was really happy with their service and floor help. Good luck with the dishwasher.

Beth said...

Not that Targe' Boutique is that much better then Walmart, b ut at least they provide insurance to their employees and it is a MN company =)...AND I HATE Walmart. You can get the Danby 4 Serving Washer by ordering it on line for just 2 bucks more then at Walmart, Of course, I don't know what shipping and handling would be, but it would be delivered to you door. That was a run-on-sentence if I ever saw one!

Sarah said...

I second Beth -- order the dishwasher online from for $2 more. Check to see what shipping is, though. Otherwise, go ahead and get it at Walmart. It's only one purchase, not a regular deal.

Glad you had fun at CC -- I'm happy to do a one-on-one knitting refresher if you'd like. Also, here's the cream cheese dip recipe:

2 blocks cream cheese (can use low fat neufchatel) - softened
2/3 c. craisins
2/3 c. chopped walnuts
1/3 c. olive oil
12 T basil
1 T or ~2 cloves garlic, minced.
Mix all ingredients together. Easier with a hand or stand mixer.

emily said...

how did i miss this post earlier? i guess was behind in commenting.

anyhoo, walmart is EVIL! the money you "save" by shopping there you're just gonna spend on a bunch of impulse buys anyway. best buy sucks too. they are shitty to their suppliers but i guess the employees are better off than those at walmart.

you should read nickel and dimed by barbara ehrenreich. your inner turmoil will disappear because you just won't want to shop there anymore. i have it if you want to borrow it.