Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Man, this little cold has officially got me down. My face hurts, my voice hurts, and I'm taking the day off tomorrow. I should have done it today, but well, it's usually more difficult to miss work than it is to just buck up. Speaking of bucking up... The painting class that Zander and I are taking together totally bites. I'm skipping tonight because I honestly believe that I would kill our instructor if I went. Last time I asked her if she had any rags for us to use and she proceeded to tell me that for the first couple weeks of class she's happy to be my mother, but that time has come to an end. If I want someone to mother me, I should bring my own. I bit my tongue on that bitchy comment, but believe me, I can't wait until she passes out a class evaluation. Oh, did I mention that she rips apart almost everyone's paintings? Pardon me for not being Degas, bitchy-pants. However, despite my grumblings, I am enjoying learning how to oil paint. It feels like REAL painting, I think maybe because it's stinky.

Last night Zander and I tried out El Meson. Sangria = delicious and Payella = really delicious. It was a fun, romantic night out with my sweetie.

Maybe I'll update more tomorrow when I'm home watching Ellen and being less of a grouch.


Ugly Juice said...

Yikes. Sounds like that lady is teaching class just to raise her own self-esteem. She'd be a great special ed teacher.

emily said...

is this class a community ed class? remind me NOT to take that one.

LA said...

Man....that class instructor sounds like a total cow. Out of control.
Sorry you have the crud and aren't feeling tip-top. I swear it's probably what juice, me, Esther and just about everyone else I know had/has. Get well soon and enjoy tea with Ellen tomorrow!!

Rebecca said...

Oh the Community Ed Classes.. yes, I've had those and I would want to slash her tires if she said something like that to me. Maybe just ask her "how being a bitch to someone is mothering them"... hmmp. I love people most of the time, but man that bugs me!