Friday, February 03, 2006

Crafting last night was absolutely lovely. I'm afraid that I was very, shall we say, special needs, in the whole knitting department. However, after about 25 attempts, I'm now able to cast on and do the knit stitch. Lots of the women went on to master the pearl, but in this case, I'm comfortable within my limitations. Knit only, for now and big yarn+big needles=pretty easy and quick=feel good about yourself, you just learned something new. Sarah was a really gracious and patient teacher, and that's not even mentioning all the great food she put in front of us. I came straight from kick boxing and was absolutely famished. I hope I didn't embarass myself with all of the dip I ate! It was so strange and yet so freaking good... Cream cheese, fresh basil, dried cranberries, roasted garlic and maybe walnuts or something. DEElish.

Tonight we're chilling out at home and I need it in a big way. I'm pooped. Anyone wear a size 41 in Danskos? They're 90% off at Bibelot right now. I stopped in there this morning because I had a doctor appointment, and I always need a little eye candy after being poked at. I think it's pretty cool that my blood pressure was 94/68


emily said...

i'm a 41 in danskos! what color? i want the maroon.

LA said...

Damn! 90% off?!?! That is unreal.