Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I had a Barnes and Noble gift card burning a serious hole in my pocket. That is, until last night when I picked up the new ReadyMade book that I've been drooling over. The design is of course good,the projects are interesting even if I'm not interested in replicating all of them, and the book doesn't take itself too seriously. There's an awesome garden fountain basically made from a hubcap and a heating duct. I love outdoor stuff that's not cute. Come summer, I'm making it.

You might have already seen the article in yesterday's Star Trib about don't miss 'em sales, month-by-month. The highlights: Bargain Seeker (Cherokee Center in Brooklyn Park) sells Target returns. All men's, women's and kids' summer stuff is $2 until
February 14th. Nordstrom Rack shoe sale on February 7th. Unique Thrift and ARC have their holiday sales on February 20th. March 9-12 Half-Price books offers an additional 20% off. In the end of March, Habitat for Humanity has it's warehouse sale in Northeast, and used households will be 1/2 off.

Had a lovely dinner last night with some girlfriends at ThanhDo in St. Louis Park. Jewel brought the absolutely ADORABLE little Ruby, and the food was GREAT. It's always refreshing to be with the girls.

The Y-Dub was all about the Bosu ball (half of a ball that you balance on) last night. First was cardio bosu, and then strength training bosu. Oh my word. My breast muscles (they are not pecs yet) are writhing in pain today.

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