Sunday, February 05, 2006

This morning we met some friends for the most delicious homemade Indian brunch. We started with mango smoothies and then had potatoes inside something that reminded me of a crepe, to be dipped in a coconut sauce or a peanut and lentil sauce that were both a little like hummus, but even more wonderful. Thanks to Archana for all your slaving over the kitchen stove! Next we headed out to IKEA to get a butcher block for the top of our lovely new dishwasher. I know that it's mundane to talk about it again, but we used it for the first time last night and it was fabulouso. (Oh, and by the way, convenience won out, and Best Buy in Burnsville had it in stock AND matched Walmart's price)

My sister Sara is due to have her baby today. I've been thinking about her like crazy all week long. A few minutes ago she told me that she thinks it's going to happen tonight. I really just HOPE HOPE HOPE so. While we're so ready to have our own stinking baby, I'm also really ready to be an Auntie. Auntie Julie has a nice ring.

In other news, this week is going to be a bit more chill than last. Yeah, I'm thanking my lucky stars, am I. (Insert Yoda voice) I love being busy and I love seeing friends and being social and living an interesting life, but I totally recharge at home, and my batteries are running low. I hope it's not the grunge that everyone else has, trying to get me too! However, other than an outrageous salary and summers off, being a teacher in the public school system has given me a bionic immune system.

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LA said...

A dishwasher is a beautiful thing.